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The Central Massachusetts

Paranormal Society

Got Ghosts? We're Here To Help

Join CMPS and receive all the benefits


Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of The Central Massachusetts Paranormal Society.

It is through people like you that CMPS continues to thrive and grow each year. And we look forward to keeping our legacy burning bright for decades to come.

The CMPS Journal (what membership is all about)...

The CMPS Journal is a monthly publication produced by CMPS for its members. The electronic version of the journal, known as the e-Journal, comes free with your membership in CMPS. If one wishes to receive a hardcopy version of the Journal delivered to one’s home there is an additional charge for printing, postage, and handling costs.

The Journal, as it is sometimes called, consists of various articles on paranormal events and ghost hunting equipment, books and more. The journal also contains written assessments and investigator insight on the latest paranormal event reports being studied by CMPS investigators.

We Have Two Great Levels of Membership

Online 'e-Journal' ONLY

With this membership level you receive access to the 'paperless' version of the CMPS Journal (also known as the e-Journal). The CMPS e-Journal is chock full of the same informative, unbiased, and fact-filled reporting as the hard copy version. Only greener!

COST: $25.00 per year

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Hard Copy and Online 'e-Journal'

(U.S. Residents Only)

With this membership level you will receive by mail the hardcopy 'printed paper version' of the CMPS Journal. You'll also receive online access to the 'paperless' version of the CMPS Journal (also known as the e-Journal).

COST: $40.00 per year

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