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The Central Massachusetts

Paranormal Society

Got Ghosts? We're Here To Help

February 3, 2108

Since its formation CMPS has been dedicated to finding the truth about the paranormal through its mission of investigation, research, and education. 

Since the advent of television programs such as Ghost Hunters, etc., interest in all aspects of the paranormal has grown exponentially. Folks are now taking an interest in the seen and unseen world around them. This is a wonderful time for education and understanding that there is more to this world than what we see and hear, although some of us DO hear and see things others cannot.

When we began in 2004, we had two goals: to help people and to research, develop, share educate people about the paranormal world and remove the the fear and misconception that has swirled around it for generations. Through hundreds of investigations and classes offered to the public, we believe we have accomplish a lot of what we set out to do. But there is still much more to be discovered. So many more people we can help feel safe and secure in their own homes. More spirits that we can help rest in peace, if they choose to do so.

CMPS is not endorsing any particular view but will be providing an open forum for knowledgeable witnesses, researchers and scholars to present their evidence in support of the premise that the paranormal in all its forms (UFOs, Spirits, Ghosts, possibly even Big Foot type creatures) exist. Our hope is that by creating an environment of open discussion that it will promote independent scientific investigation of the evidence presented. Then make up your own mind.

Rev. Nancy McMillan

Suzette Morales

Founders & Directors