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The Central Massachusetts

Paranormal Society

Got Ghosts? We're Here To Help

The Central Massachusetts Paranormal Society has been investigating reports of haunted locations since 2004. All of our services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

To initiate on investigation, you may contact us here via this website using the contact form, call us at 1-877-236-4441, or email us at [email protected] Please provide as much detail as possible in order for us to access the level of urgency of your case. Your inquiry will be responded to by a member of our team within 24 hours.

We will conduct a phone interview gathering as much information as possible.  

The information is then provided to one of our directors who will decide if we have a case. If we do, we will call you back and set up a date and time for our investigation. As our team members work, most of our investigations are conducted on Friday or Saturday evenings. However, as ghosts can appear at any time of the day or night, if you are experiencing a haunting during the daylight hours, members of our team will be happy to arrange a daytime investigation.

You will be asked to sign several forms giving us permission to investigate, indemnifying you and us from any injuries or accidents, form giving us permission to post any evidence we find (without any identifying information) on our website and Facebook page (this form is not required and if you prefer not to sign it, that's fine).

We will come to your home and interview separately each person who has had a paranormal experience. We take notes and ask specific questions. We will then take a tour through the location with you, asking you to point out places where paranormal activity has been experienced.

We then set up our equipment including stationary video cameras and a monitoring station.  

Baseline readings are taken in order to establish what the typical readings of Electromagnetic Fields, Temperature etc. are in your location. This way we can tell if there are fluctuations during our investigation there is a possibility we have may have a paranormal event.

Once the baseline readings are concluded, we "go dark" or go to "dead time". This is the time when lights and all electrical appliances, except our equipment, are turned off and the investigation begins.

We will move through the location, focusing on any particular parts noted in the walk-through. We will take digital pictures and video. We will also use digital recorders to try and capture any Electronic Voice Phenomena that cannot be heard with the normal hearing range.

Members of our team have psychic abilities which often enables them to connect with spirits that may be present. If a connection is made, we will include that information in your report but will not use it to base our final findings as to whether or not a location is haunted.

The length of an investigation depends upon the size of the location, the areas where paranormal activity has been recorded, whether we find we are picking up any activity and whether the reported activity takes place at a certain time of the day or night.

When the investigation is complete, we will pack up all our equipment. Please don't ask us whether we have experienced anything as we need time to meet, discuss our experiences, determine whether they were paranormal and review the evidence.

Within a week following the investigation, we will set up a date and time to review our findings (or lack thereof as often may be the case) to you. We will provide you with a report detailing what we found and our final finding. You will also receive a disc with any relevant evidence on it if you would like.

If we find your location is haunted, you may decide to simply live in harmony with your spirit friends. Or you may decide that you want to be free of experiences. We cannot guarantee that we can rid your home of spirits as they actually do have minds of their own. Some of them are unbelievably stubborn. We can try to determine why they are haunting your house or you, what they want and what we can do to help them move on to the light. As a psychic medium, Rev. Nancy, has the ability to connect with these spirits and work to help them move on. As a minister, she can also bless your home. These services are also free and confidential.